My mother started her rental business 34 years ago. I have watched her work hard every single day to make sure she could provide for us and herself. There were many Saturday mornings where instead of watching morning cartoons, it was spent mowing her properties...On the hottest days of the year, always. Her approach to the rental industry has been the most effective for everyone. Treat your tenants right and fairly and they'll take care of you. She is right, all of her tenants have taken care of her and us through-out the years and all of my childhood and after 34 years she has now retired and stepped away from the rental business to live out her life doing what she wants to do. 

The torch has now been handed off to me, Matt Musco to continue her legacy through Bluffton and I accepted this torch. My wife Angela and I are now teamed up on making sure my mothers legacy continues on in Bluffton and we set out to do so by maintaining affordable housing for rental homes for those in Bluffton, Indiana with Pitties Properties.

Now the burning question. What is Pitties? Pitties is a term given to our favorite misunderstood breed, Pitbull's. Anyone that knows Pitbull's, know they are fun loving dogs that love to play and most importantly they love their food. They are the inspiration behind our name. We wanted to take this fun nickname for a dog breed to show that this misunderstood breed just wants to be loved and they definitely provide that love in the most fun and entertaining way. Plus it's fun to say and kind of catchy too.