Pitties Brand

What is Pitties? Well, we are hoping Pitties becomes a name around Bluffton, Indiana that people can trust. We are starting off with providing rental properties to Bluffton, Indiana with a focus on affordable living. Rent everywhere including Bluffton is well, too &@#% high! We want our tenants to be able to live comfortably so they and their families can enjoy life in Bluffton and the surrounding communities. No one should ever have to make the choices some are making in order to live and we hope with our affordable approach that we can continue to grow and provide more families with an affordable living. 

We are hoping soon that not only can we provide affordable rental housing families but want to bring a restaurant to the Bluffton area that will provide affordable meals and fun for the families and all individuals to enjoy. We will be selling merchandise to help boost us to make this restaurant happen in Bluffton hopefully a little faster. Below is a link to our website to our hopeful expansion of the Pitties brand. You can see our merchandise at the moment and will be selling the merchandise shortly once we get a few more things in order. We encourage you though to still check it out.

Pitties Grub & Pub LLC

Pitties Grub & Pub, LLC